Following a successful crowd-funding campaign, Vian released her debut album on Record Store Day 2016, produced by Will Angeloro on Soaring Magpie Records.


This was then celebrated with a launch party, sponsored by Frome FM and broadcast globally with a live studio audience at the Assembly Rooms Frome, followed by a tour of Laval, France.

Vian’s music has been described as “accessible” as she has a charming and disarming, sunny vibe which transforms the ordinary folk song into an entertaining soundtrack, engaging the listener with intriguing chord combinations, beautiful harmonies and relatable stories of love, struggle, triumph and insights.


Beautiful Soul by Sara Vian

  • In addition to the raw and simple folk-blues on the EP, Angeloro has this time introduced some rather surprising and infectious:


    • trip-hop
    • world
    • dub
    • country & classical influences...


    ...which should be appealing to fans of early Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, Thomas Newman, Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) and Portishead.