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What Can Businesses Do to Support Our Community?

The Frome Business Breakfast was recently held at Frome Museum featuring guest speaker, Helen Fielden from Volunteer Frome who opened up the discussion by asking the question, “what can businesses do to support our community?”.

"people are willing to pay more for

a product in alignment with its beliefs"

Helen’s research has discovered that people are willing to pay more for a product in alignment with its beliefs and that staff are much happier in an organisation involved with the local community.

A town and transport-planner recently enlightened me to the fact that the word “integrity” is derived from “integrate” and I understand that it’s a basic human need to feel part of the community and recognised for making a difference, so how can we make social enterprise sustainable, symbiotic and “profitable” when we’re often driven to put financial security first rather than look after the needy?

“integrity” is derived from “integrate”

Is there a way we can turn our community’s needs into a fair-trade opportunity which benefits all parties involved and bridges the divide where the rich get richer and the poor get neglected? How can it be rewarding to invest our hard-earned money, experience and limited time into compassionate stewardship of the young and vulnerable?

It’s depressing for everyone when people are kept down on benefits, unemployed and drifting along with no hope and lacking self-esteem so how can we help our neighbours feel included, supported and inspired to understand that they are gifted to make a difference too? [see previous blog on Apprenticeships to find out more]

If you would like to be part of the Network of Mentors, please contact Frome Town Council.

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