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Frome has a well deserved reputation as one of the best places in the UK to eat and drink. With a host of independent pubs, cafes, restaurants and markets to choose from, Frome will delight and surprise you with an amazing array of local produce. From craft beers and ciders to organic home grown veg, meat and artisan breads, Frome has everything you need to fill you up! 


Eating Out in Frome

The Restaurants

First: this is not a definitive or exhaustive list of Frome eateries; it’s to give you a flavour (so sorry) of what’s available to the discerning diner. This page concentrates on the town centre places that can all be reached easily on foot from one of the central car parks and it focuses on venues where good food and dining out is what it’s all about.  For more on parking see our guide here.  We may have missed some venues but they will be added as soon as we are alerted! This article is a work in progress so do get in touch with information. To get in this list the restaurants had to offer vegetarian and vegan options, to serve both lunch and dinner and to sell wine or have corkage.

Fine food on your doorstep

If there’s one thing you can be sure of it’s that high quality meals are very much available in Frome and in several venues, so it’s certainly not necessary to drive to Bath to get the haute cuisine experience!

This journey through Frome starts at the top of Catherine Street with Bistro Lotte. This is true fine dining in the traditional (essentially French) style with an extensive menu, locally-sourced ingredients and excellent wines.  Bistro Lotte is on 01373 300646.

Bistro Lottes Frome.jpg

Frome’s Cuisine Central!

Walk down Catherine Street to Catherine Hill and you are entering the hub of good Frome cuisine: Fashionable but never chi-chi! Sweep right and you will find yourself in Palmer Street, home to the The High Pavement. This venue has developed a very loyal following. Its Middle-Eastern / Moorish menu is not especially large but it changes very regularly and has been described as “always delicious and imaginative”. Tel: 07967 222682.


Also in Palmer Street is The Good Heart; family run and serving, we’re told, ”vegetarian food with a Tibetan slant in a lovely cosy space”. One Frome foodie said “it’s an all-time favourite place of mine with lovely staff, yummy food and a great atmosphere”.

The Goodheart & High Pavement Frome.jpg

Palmer Street is also home to Castello which, as its name suggests, is a Mediterranean-Italian restaurant and, if you’re looking for the authentic Italian vibe, this is the place. Locals rave about the food and what a great place it is for the whole family to dine in.  Tel: 01373 228100.

The Dragon Pearl Frome.jpg

If you stand between The Good Heart and The High Pavement and look across the street you will see Little Walcot Street, characterised by its two storeys of huge windows. Serving a combination of traditional fare including breakfasts and a bar menu, its a great people watching spot with very friendly staff. Tel: 01373 48218.

8 Stony Street Frome.jpg

Head down into the main street – Market Place – and on your right, just past the King Street turning and slightly obscured by railings, sits The Fat Radish. Serving contemporary British and European food, prepared with imagination and served by very attentive staff, this is another venue that has attracted a loyal following. And if pre-dinner cocktails are important to you, this is the place! Tel: 01373 596102.​

In forthcoming features we will cover the gastro pubs and venues with accommodation. Happy dining!

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