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Colostrum Reduced the Symptoms of My Autoimmune Disorder

IgBioscience is a new company launched by Liz Rostand following the improvement of her multiple sclerosis after taking pure colostrum.

Colostrum is the pre-milk all mammals produce for their new born, which sets up the body's immune system, improves gut health and boosts the body's own repair mechanisms; essentially supporting our bodies to repair and maintain themselves.

It has been known for centuries as a "miracle food" for its healing and life sustaining properties, and is worshipped by the Egyptians, Aztecs and other ancient cultures; it is used in Ayurvedic medicine and farmers have always known of its properties, using the excess colostrum (IgBioscience only uses excess colostrum) to make something called "Beestings pudding".

Liz Rostand

Liz Rostand

Liz’s story began three years ago when she met an Australian journalist, Neil McLean, whose wife was a former professional ballerina who'd developed multiple sclerosis, and in her forties, was forced to use a wheelchair. So Neil left his broadcasting job to look after her for ten years and they scoured the earth for something, anything that might help her; eventually discovering a farmer/scientist from New Zealand who'd developed a way of harvesting colostrum without damaging its highly sensitive live antigens and active compounds.

The results were significant and Neil's wife, Shauna, is now out of her wheelchair (which is gathering dust in her garage!) and leading a "normal" life although it's important to say colostrum is not a cure but it can have a significant effect on reduction of the symptoms of autoimmune disorders, and has been a revelation to the producer of the colostrum as he’d marketed it primarily as a daily health supplement.

At first, Liz imported colostrum from New Zealand for herself and her father who also had very bad MS. The results came thick and fast and Liz can now walk miles at a time, whereas before she could barely manage to walk half a mile. Her energy levels, mood and general health began to get so much better and it has had such a dramatic effect on Liz's quality of life that she began to chart her journey, which you can find at

Liz and her husband, Freddie, have also started holding talks for other sufferers to show them how it has helped Liz and there’s a massive body of peer-reviewed research on the many properties of colostrum, and the science of its benefits is unarguable.

Freddie also started taking colostrum two years ago as a daily health supplement and has noticed many changes: improved energy levels, better mobility, aches and pains have gone, more balanced mood, better sleep patterns, faster recovery from injuries and so forth although the changes have been gradual as it takes time for the body to repair itself and work as it is meant to work; primarily a daily health supplement that significantly improves your general well-being.

Gradually, Liz began to hear more and more about people with different autoimmune conditions (IBS, colitis, gout, Parkinson's) taking colostrum and being pleased with the results so she realised that life could be so much simpler for everyone if she could just source the colostrum in the UK, but although there are a fair number of producers here, the quality is low-grade due to its processing.

Luckily, Liz and Freddie eventually came across a small cooperative of organic Welsh hill farmers who were producing colostrum for a processor who'd understood how crucial the preparation of it was to maintain its bioactive properties because he’d experienced the benefits himself after taking the colostrum when suffering with duodenal cancer.

After a close shave with death and subsequent recovery, he decided to set up his own operation as he, like Liz and Freddie, no longer wanted the expense and trouble of importing from New Zealand.

This has thus enabled Liz and Freddie to set up IgBioscience Ltd and they have now launched their first product which is 100% organic colostrum capsules called “Immustem”.

Colostrum is also used extensively for pets, and also the Welsh Rugby, the British and Irish Lions, Tour de France teams and other top athletes, due to the way it supports their immune system and prevents them getting ill (intense training degrades the immune system so top athletes often suffer from all kinds of ailments). It also helps to build lean muscle and speeds the process of repair of damaged tissues and muscles. Find testimonials online from folk such as the former professional rugby player, Phil Greening.

Contact Liz for further information: / 07507 489345

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