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Kicking off a Great New Season!

Some of you may know that I do a bit of singing and songwriting when I can, and ever since releasing my debut album back in 2016, I've been waiting for the signs to know how to move forward next; and then recently, a very bizarre thing happened when I was watching the World Cup 2018 final. Just as the game finished and they were getting ready to hand the trophy to France, I received an email from the marketing manager of Frome Town FC asking if I'd like to go and play at the stadium some time pre-match!

Two very bizarre factors:

1. The timing of it was just magical.

2. The mainstream footie folk think my independent style is suitable for their crowd.

So I jumped at the chance to promote the music whilst rallying our home town to have a Bloody Great New Season because the stories I've heard of how they were getting slaughtered again and again in previous seasons, are just terrible, and they even had to tolerate the fact that their own manager was betting that they'd lose at one point I believe!?

To be fair, we are playing in quite a high league apparently, and I totally salute those lads for their incredible endurance and commitment to keep going. Very similar to the music industry, really, in which you have to develop an Iron Spirit and Mind of Faith to keep following that star...

Which is why I am inspired by the world of sport these days, thanks to some voluntary studio-managing I was doing for the Monday Night Kick Off show on Frome FM.

Back then it was hosted by Billy, Wayne, Shaun and Stephen who's refreshing banter (including "Wally of the Week") and interactive Facebook group, was a far-cry from the boring Saturday afternoon vibe I remembered from my youth, when the sport was on the telly!

Only Billy's left now left but I am pleased to report that Patrick Moss has jumped into position with his impressive knowledge on football and intolerance of limp excuses when challenging the coach about the month's gains and losses!

Listen to their recent interview with the newly appointed Frome Town coach, Danny Greaves...

Patrick also hosts Magpie's Folk Cafe on Frome FM and launched the record label on which my CDs were released so he should be a good bridge between the local music scene and FTFC to continue the mutual support.

Join us for the new season kick-off match on Saturday 11th August at 2.30pm for live music / 3pm kick off.

Please also join Frome Town FC for a promotional event called Be Part of #BA11 event on 9th August. Find the Facebook event here.

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