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Why Use Chris Stocker Design

The images used in your marketing collateral are a key element of your communications strategy. Asking a photographer to take a photo, or selecting a good picture from a slide library is just the first step in creating an image that attracts customers. Find out more about the Chris Stocker Design here.

I specialise in ensuring that your image reflects not only your brand identity but also makes your brand stand out. From conception to creation – whether it 2D or 3D, through image manipulation, retouching, colour correction, image enhancing, compositing, vector based images, 3D modelling and special effects on video sequences. I work at helping you bring your images and campaigns to life. With over 20 years of experience of working with brands on campaigns I provide a personal service ensuring that you achieve the result that you had anticipated. My portfolio will give you some idea of the work that I do for my clients.

How it works

When creating a composite of an image, sometimes elements cannot be photographed as they simply do not exist. Please refer to the example image of the xbox controller, the controller in this example was photographed and the reverse teeth mark was created in a 3D program. The teeth marks were then rendered as a photo-realistic image with a surface texture to match the photographic element, the results were combined as a composite to give the impression that the controller actually exists with a bite mark taken out of the plastic. Many stunning effects can be created by combining purely photographic images. Although my main customers ask me to create images for magazines and book covers, I can also take on private retouching jobs such as restoring old photographs that have been damaged or faded over time.

Chris Says "I work closely with other designers, web developers, animators and page layout designers as well as individual business owners to bring their creative vision to life, whether it be a logo or an image for a creative advertising campaign, almost anything is possible."

Website quick look here.

New animated indent with sound for the Dirt Shed Show. At 8 second mark.



Phone: 07794 558871

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