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Connor Construction (South West) Ltd
Your one-stop-Road Construction-Shop! We are a proud Frome business, started by Ian Webb in 2008. We operate with pride, expertise and dedication in all that we do, both within the industry and our community.

Whatever You Need-We Have It!

Plant Hire
*Planers *Pavers *Chippers *Rollers *Streetmasters
*Tanker Sprayers *Bobcats

All our plant and machinery is fully serviced by our in-house fitters, meaning everything is ready to go to your site. Should there be any problems, we can mobilise our fitters straight to you to get it fixed.


*Low Loaders *Tippers *Tanker Sprayers *Vans
We have a total of 13 lorries with Low-Loaders that are available to deliver your plant, or ours.

Labour Hire
*Labourers *Operators *Banksman *Formen *Supervisors
*Contracts Managers

Our Labourers and Operators are highly qualified and fit to work. We take Health and Safety very seriously and ensure that everybody has a CSCS card and further qualifications to ensure they are providing not only the best, but the safest work. We always ensure a professional working environment, ensuring every job is done to the best possible standard.

NPORS Training Providers
Training Covered:
*Planers *Pavers *Chippers *Dumper *360 Excavator *Roller
*Banksman *Deadweight Roller *Streetmaster

We provide our own NPORS Training at Connor Construction-another reason we have such a skilled workforce! But this training is also available to you. We can either bring training to your site, or you can come to our training yard.

Wherever You Need-We’re There!

No matter where you are in the world, we will provide you a service better than the company closest to you could. We have proven this in the Falkland Islands, where we have provided full surfacing teams and contracts management to run the Governments surfacing programme.

In addition, we have worked in Cyprus building a runway for the RAF and we are also working across the UK every day, and in Ireland.

Whenever You Need, We’re Ready!
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, we serve clients all over Europe, and we are always on call for emergency works.



Address: The Builder’s Yard, Cheese Hill, Frome, Somerset BA11 5DH
01373 836182

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