July in the garden

How are we halfway through the year already? Well, on the bright side, our garden and I have both been relishing this prolonged spell of sunshine, even though I’m spending far too much time with the hosepipe… So what’s been happening and what am I looking forward to during July in the garden?

What's flowering now?

Our roses are still flowering, not quite as abundantly as last month, but we still have plenty nonetheless. Deadheading roses is one of my least favourite tasks because they always fight back. My arms look like I’ve been herding cats, but it’s the only way to encourage those fresh blooms. Sigh.

My sweet peas, cornflowers, and dill, on the other hand, are providing me with some lovely, colourful, and fragrant posies for the house. And this is exactly why I love growing my own flowers for cutting; you just can’t buy these little treasures from a shop.

The honeysuckle outside the back door gets the morning sun so the fragrance when you open the door first thing is just heavenly. And both my perennials and newly-sown-this-year lavender plants are wafting their lovely calm scent along the edges of our paths and by our benches.

Also blooming away are various wild yellow and red poppies, and yesterday I saw my first vibrant pink cosmos flower, yay. I adore cosmos, it’s so easy to grow and the feathery foliage is just as vase-worthy as the white and pink flowers. It’s a staple in my cutting garden.

As I write this post, a couple of my dahlias have flowered but I don’t think it will be too long before they all do, I can see lots of healthy foliage and plenty of buds. I’ve mentioned before that I never lift my dahlia tubers before the first frosts, I just cut them back, mulch heavily, and apply a good dose of fertiliser in the spring. So far, I’ve only lost one plant, which I didn’t like very much anyway. I’m all about making life easy for myself, I don’t have the time or patience to mollycoddle plants!

I think petunias have a bit of a town hanging baskets reputation and I’m not keen on the orange or salmon pink varieties either. But this gorgeous purple petunia is one I’ve grown from seed (and since lost the seed packet although I know I bought it from Thompson Morgan). And I didn’t know petunias were scented but this one smells fabulous, so I got lucky when I planted it by our conservatory!