August in my garden

Where does time go? I can’t believe I’ve been writing my monthly garden posts for a whole year now, and it’s time to think about August in my garden again already. But this year will be very different to last year due to the heatwave we’ve been enjoying (or not, as the case may be…)

What's flowering now?

As you may have noticed from the cover picture, our sunflowers are quite literally celebrating in all the sunshine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them grow so tall or so floriferously (yes, that is a word, I checked). We’re growing three varieties this year: Russian Giant from our Mud and Bloom box, Vanilla Ice from Aldi, and one that Flora brought home from Cubs in June that I have no idea about – but it’s the tallest of the lot.

If June was the time for roses, August is definitely the time for dahlias. I’ve shared shots of my beautiful Dahlia Roxy on Instagram before, but here’s another one:

She’s on her fourth year now and gets better every summer. As do my Blue Bayou dahlias, which the bees adore:

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t lift my dahlias for Winter, I just cut back before the first frosts, feed with chicken manure pellets, and mulch heavily. So far so good but it’s not the end of the world if I eventually lose a plant, I can always buy more :)

Other favourite flowers, sown from seed earlier this year, are my Cosmos Purity (white) and my Cosmos Rubenza (deep pink). They make fabulous cutting flowers, all that feathery green foliage means you need very little else in a vase.

And I love the delicate but vibrant flowers on our Coreopsis, they look so pretty when put together with Cornflowers and Sweet Peas. Don’t be fooled though, this is a tough plant, it’s even been found growing next to Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor.

The less said about my Gladioli the better as they seem to have mysteriously and irritatingly turned from purple and white to a salmon orange, which I do not like at all. It doesn’t fit my garden aesthetic (oooh, get me, haha) and I’ll be digging them up after they’ve finished flowering this year.